Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Better Easter Post

Well I'm just killing time right now waiting for my brother and sister-in-law to bring my nephew over for a late mini-Easter egg hunt. I felt obligated to post something for Easter, so I had previously put the image in the post just below this one up, but as I have more time now I can take some time to ramble. First off, I seem to be having a predilection for decidedly non-LDS images of the resurrection today, I'm not huge on Mormon art and while the stuff posted here isn't my favorite iconography at least it is a little different. I had a different Easter today, went to a rare 'morning service' outside of the Boise Temple this AM, I was very cold (should have layered more). I guess I was so visibly shaking that at one point a women offered me a blanket, I declined and acutely stopped shivering for awhile. I guess that my sense of embarrassment is stronger then my sense of cold. Anyway it was nice as something different to do. Since I was out anyway went down to the Comm building at Boise State to record my radio show for next week. I had an Easter show that was to broadcast today but instead the University Pulse people (re)-broadcast a show I did two weeks ago. At least I'm assuming it was a rebroadcast, as two weeks ago was conference and I didn't get to listen to any of my show that week. I don't know how they messed that up but they did, they broadcast part 2 of my Irving Berlin tribute last week, part one again this week, and as my Easter show is now no good they will broadcast part 3 next week. The rest of today has been dominated by the unfortunate intrusion of homework on the Sabbath, and a barb-a-que ribs Easter dinner (hey, I think my sister planned it). Anyway my posting will probably be a little scantly for the foreseeable future as the end of the semester is coming up. In May I have a three-week summer school class that may turn out to be time intensive, but after that I should have 2 1/2 months or so to live the life of an 19th Century English land owner (very little to do), and post a lot on this hobby of a blog of mine. Anyway, got to spell-check this sucker before the visitors arrive, so Nate out.


At 11:05 AM, Blogger GlennBeckFan said...

Hey, I had BBQ steak for dinner at my folks'

Lisa's had a more traditional ham lunch


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