Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Not having the time or money for a 'real' spring break trip my friend Jackson and I made the three hour jaunt down to Jackpot Nevada. I can not really recommend Jackpot as a vacation destination, unless all you really want to do is gamble. I mean this is one sad town, five casinos on the strip and thats about all. No restaurants out of the casinos, only one gas station, no churchs, I didn't even think the town had a school until I saw one in a satellite image of the community. Worst of all the buffets don't open until 5 pm! Instead I ended up eating a very non-impressive steak, it was cheap but still non-impressive (and the vegetables tasted kind of weird). I spent five dollars and a bag of lose change on the slots, I think the most I made was about twenty cents. I did however have a run of breaking even on a video black-jack machine. All in all it was fun in a low budget kind of way, not counting the work I had to have done on my car in Twin Falls. In the absence of being able to recommend Jackpot the city I will recommend the 1950 comedy film The Jackpot staring Jimmy Stewart.


At 5:56 AM, Blogger yubetcha said...

Try family owned Four Jacks Hotel/Casino restaurant. The menu was designed by the family's matriarch (former concert pianist) who played amazing rags and stuff on an old piano the Friday night we were there. I had the mesquite smoked prime rib.


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