Tuesday, November 29, 2005

How About That

I wrote my last colume (which was also my first colum in a way) on Saturday night and scense that time several modistly positive events have occured n relation to what I had to say. Sunday on 'Meet the Press' (sorry couldn't get the computer to change the font on the shows title) Senator John Warner (R-Virgina) echoed my suggestion that the President address the nation in a prime time speech to give details on the long term plan in Iraq. Well its cool to know that the Senator and I think alike, thought I'd probably have given more thought about marrying Elizabteh Taylor then he did (though I wouldn't have rulled it out). In addition I think I just heard something on the radio about the President (do I always need to capitalize 'President'?) giving a live address sometime later this week, now that's a good sign thought not necessarly suggestive or any real change. Also POTUS did give a speech on Monday about the boarder situation, I have not been able to peruse its contents yet, but whithout the issuence of some sweeping new policy preposals it might just be as much hot air.


At 12:40 PM, Blogger Thuan The Large said...

It's me again. Have you read the article in this month's Atlantic Monthly about the situation in Iraq. The author has some interesting proposals for getting out of Iraq. It seems almost antithetical, but I find his argument persuasive, that the US needs to make a long term committment to the country if it wants to get out sooner than later, and do so without leaving a bloody civil war in its wake. It's an interesting read and I recommend it. Anyway, until next time.


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